BOONE COMENOR METALIMPEX organizes its activity around the company for which it collects, sorts, valorizes the secondary raw materials. They are transferred to the transforming industries like steel mills, foundries and aluminum & copper smelters.

The extraordinary things about recycling metal is that it allows for the creation of new material from material that has been used, conserving 100% of its properties, indefinitely.


To make recycling your scrap a smooth phase in your production chain, we implement all the resources required:

Commercial resources

Our experts monitor the fluctuations in the rates of metals in order to sell your scrap metal at the best prices available on the market

Operational resources

Our operational teams are at your service to deploy the ressources and means so that we can offer you a made-to-measure service

Logistics resources

With our large fleet of industrial equipment we are in a position to adapt to every flow (rail, river, road, maritime)

Technical resources

We design personalised studies for optimal management of flows in partnership with the subsidiairies of SUEZ Group

Administrative and financial resources

We shall support you in the implementation of your administrative procedures and to deal with all your requirements

Specialized resources

To provide you a global management, we carry out demolitions, blow piping and gas cutting with our specialized partners

Just as many resources that with allow us to meet your needs efficiently at all times


Whether they are ferrous or not ferrous, the materials treated by BOONE COMENOR METALIMPEX are transformed into top quality products.

  • New E8 fents

  • E5H steel turnings

  • E42 cast iron turnings

  • Steel categories E1

  • Bundles VF cast iron